Product Range

K V Health Care produces the range of products covering., Feed supplements, micro and macro Minerals, Vitamins, Amino acids, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes, Toxic binders and Standardized Herbal products from finest quality pest free raw materials.

These products comply with the international Quality standards and norms and are offered to our clients in several packages and specifications.

There has been a severe limitation on the use of antibiotics in therapeutic or sub-therapeutic doses in animals with regards to the increasing public concerns about bacterial resistance to the same.

To avoid usage of antibiotics, better growth we have formulated several products with the combination of enzymes, probiotics, macro minerals and Herbal Nutrients to reduce the feed conversion ratio and better digestion.

These nutrients are helpful in healthy growth and development of defense mechanism of fish and shrimps and are useful in countering the diseases.

We have developed several products, specifically formulated with useful minerals, nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, probiotics and immune stimulants that are used for value added feed supplementation at various stages of growing. This helps in the cultured species grow healthy and faster. Helping in of cost and energy savings with lesser problems in culture.

K V Health Care product range has been developed scientifically with utmost care for the aquaculture. During the research and development of the product range, particular focus was placed on product efficacy against their particular target and cost effectiveness, to give the user the ultimate confidence.