Active-C [Ascorbic Acid] consists of a white to off-white, fine uniform beadlets.

Each gram of Active-C[Ascorbic Acid] is manufactured to contain 600gm of ascorbic Acid USP which Non Genetically Modified.

Using high quality microencapsulation technology Active - C [Ascorbic Acid] is delivering with 94% Bioavailability.

Regular chemically stabilized or raw Vitamin C [Ascorbic Acid] which can become ustable due to Humidity, Heat, Light and It Oxidizes rapidly during storage, which reduces the bioavailability,

Active - C has a thin coating around each particle which makes it stable even when exposed to Humidity, Heat and Light, Therefore, environmental conditions will not change the bioavailability of Active-C due to specialized Microencapsulation technique.

Microencapsulated Vitamin C is stabilized form of Vitamin C that can withstand the rigors of feed processing and remains intact when fed. It does not leach out in water.

In addition Active - C enhances the immune system, helps in proper moulting, assist to stress tolerance and reduce deformity

Recommended Aquaculture Dosage: 100grams/ MT of feed (or) by our Aqua consultant